Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting List

We have now been on the waiting list for just over a month!  Boy did it seem to take forever to get there, we would just get to the point where we thought we had everything done to find out we had one more thing to do or re do. We had our physicals done 3 maybe 4  times I forget just to make sure everything was just right, and one of our refrence letters done by our good friends that live in Spokane also had to be redone and they went back to the bank 4-5 times just for us! But after all that we made to the waiting list on July 11 and we were 149 in line and at the end of the month were down to 137 which is amazing for one month!  We still have around 2 years to wait but atleast the big stuff if done and we are so gratful to everyone who has helped us this far! We are so blessed and are happy to be one step closer to our babies!

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